Niebezpieczne związki / Liaisons Dangereuses

Warsaw, 29 I 2014, Klubojadalnia Eufemia, 19:00


No Escape

Warsaw, 13 XII 2013, Chmury, 21:00


Marburg live at International Literary Festival

Kraków, 3 X 2013, Klub Literki, 21:00

The Ha!wangarda International Literary Festival tallies with Ha!art’s long-standing interest in creating, describing, analysing, promoting and educating readers in literature of the new media.

The festival is an innovative and avant-garde event. It presents non-commercial, low budget, alternative projects which steadily change the perception of contemporary writing. We believe that without the avant-garde culture withers and loses its vitality. Without inventive artists who set the tone for formal explorations, revitalize staple means of expression, and discover new fields, culture stagnates, slipping into academic traditionalism and commercialism.

Ha!art is not afraid to take risks and support artists who believe a that new quality emerges only from bold transgression of formal boundaries, from breaking old patterns, and exploring the unknown. We will introduce you to the most prominent international and Polish artists of the contemporary literary avant-garde (or as we call it ‘ha!vant-garde’) as well as these less known who appeared in the special, ‘radical’ 40th issue of Ha!art magazine.

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